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Lewis-Russel Homes, LLC

6522 Tulip Lane, Dallas, Texas 75230
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Our Mission

It is the vision and purpose of Lewis-Russel Homes to be the best custom homebuilder in North Texas. With uncompromised integrity and an uncommon commitment to quality and master workmanship, we will create custom home projects that will be viewed as the best in the region.
Goals and Objectives
Our corporate goals are to provide the best service, the highest quality workmanship and materials, and a level of professionalism uncommon in the home-building industry. Our goals and objectives will be accomplished through the teamwork and collaborative efforts of all members of the Lewis-Russel team and our partners.
Each member of the Lewis-Russel team is a professional in the homebuilding industry. Each team member shall act professionally at all times, strive for excellence, continue to educate himself/herself in new technologies, products and industry best practices, and render extraordinary service to all company clients.